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You and the goddess, only a pair of high heels distance!

Every woman has a heart in love with high heels, high heels has been considered to be able to express one of the items sexy women, once put on high heels, chest naturally stand, buttocks arc will be more tight, highlight the convex curve , Can naturally show a feminine Oh. So? Xiaobian for everyone to bring several different styles of high heels, to see which is more able to impress your heart slightly. Want to lean on the mediocre body say, high heels can definitely help you Oh, high-heeled design, not only can lengthen the leg curve, but also make you cheap under armour become tall and sexy, especially in the appointment, put on a dress with High heels, and more in one fell swoop captured the goddess of the heart Oh. For example, we first talk about rivets style high heels! Both with a stylish and sexy, so that a pair of ordinary high heels, become Western style, whether you are a small fresh or the workplace women, it can reflect your fashion and personality Oh, like the figure of the United States and the girl, the original body Tall, she put on a pair of rivets high heels, and instantly release a different glory, people can not help but want to close the impulse. More and more styles come one after another, deeply affect the hearts of women, both want to wear a fashionable Fan, do not want to wear bad street, then, follow the footsteps of Xiaobian, will make you in the fall is particularly Different, especially fashion Oh.

In many high heels, Xiaobian personal preference for straps with high heels Oh, it is a strap design, can be wrapped around the ankle, looks very sexy, and high-heeled design, but also elongated leg curve, people walking Multiplied a bit confident and temperament. Red tones, wearing a very eye-catching, small pointed design, the feet can be modified more compact, cross the strap design, wrapped around the ankle, it is sexy, thin high-heeled design, can lengthen the leg curve , Make people look tall and thin Europe and the United States Fan full of a high heels, joined the strap design, wrapped around the feet, can block the foot fat, looks very sexy sultry, high heel, lengthening the legs curve, to create 170 long legs , Even more queen temperament. And the word buckle high heels, do not lose to the strap with high heels Oh, the fashion of the word buckle, so simple style high heels, become more fashionable, easily highlight the cheap under armour ankle of beauty, is a lot of women preferred single product Oh. Fashionable style, the word buckle design, so that the whole pair of shoes are not monotonous, more fashion sense, the classic pointed design, modified a small foot type, more feminine charm, high-heeled design, quietly Lengthen the legs, to create a sexy body curve. The upper use of suede material, looks very texture, word buckle under armour discount design, not only the upper is not significant monotonous, more able to highlight the female ankle beauty, with a dress, filling the sexy feminine The