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What to do with snow boots in winter? How to wear snow boots?

What to do if wearing snow boots

The warmth of the winter's foot is very important. The warmth of the body can only be followed by warmth, otherwise it will feel cold when you wear more. But always wearing snow boots will inevitably lead to the phenomenon of foot odor, then come along with Xiao Bian to see how to wear snow boots foot odor.

1. The feet that are wrapped in layers of shoes and socks all day are sweaty again, which can breed bacteria. The under armour shoes full name of the director of dermatology at Cathay Hospital suggested that the first thing to go home is to wash your feet. Wash your feet thoroughly when you wash your feet, and dry thoroughly after you wash them, because moisture can also cause the feet of Hong Kong.

2. Try not to wear the same pair of shoes every day. The same pair of shoes may not be fully dry because of the sweat of the previous day, which may cause foot or foot odor in Hong Kong.

3. Let your feet breathable, is a good way to prevent foot odor. If the company allows it, you can put a pair of slippers in the office. If you can't, when you go to the toilet, take off your shoes and let your feet breathe.

4. In principle, choose more cotton socks. However, if the work is not allowed, you can bring a pair of stockings to wear at noon break.

Hazard of wearing snow boots

First, it is easy to damage the ankle and feel tired

Due to the high and thick upper, the snow boots make the ankle joint a force transmission, which easily causes the ankle to be damaged and fatigued. This is not in conformity with the biological and biomechanical requirements.

Second, easy to cause arch damage

Snow boots are generally large. If the shoes are larger than the size of the feet, the feet will slide back and forth in the shoes and the feet will spread around. The other tissues around the feet will be ineffective. The walking will depend on the arch and the arch will be more difficult. Large impact, thus causing damage to the arch.

Third, may cause foot deformity

In particular, youngsters who are growing up will be more likely to suffer damage. Wearing long-term snow boots, they will easily become internal characters. They will also cause injury to the feet, ankles and even buttocks, induce tendonitis and fasciitis, and wear long-term seriousness. May cause foot deformity.

Fourth, easy to cause foot odor, athlete's foot and other issues

Snow boots warm and closed environment, easily lead to bacterial growth, a breeding ground for bacteria. Wearing snow boots for a long time, because the feet are wrapped tightly and cause foot odor, foot sweat, and finally lead to beriberi recurrence, is not conducive to the health of the feet.

Fifth, lead to hallux valgus

Most boots are high-heeled children. Strictly speaking, hallux valgus is not an exclusive disease for boots, but it is a common problem for high heels. Because the heel is too high, it will make people's center of gravity too much forward, the foot pressure changes, easily lead to big toe valgus deformity. Severe hallux valgus requires surgery. In the early stages, corrective treatment can be done by doing self-traction or using gadgets. For example, there is a kind of hallux valgus bracing, because it is only necessary to wear it at night to correct the toes a little, without affecting the daytime life. It is widely used in treatment.

Sixth, fistula syndrome

The foot is called the second heart of the human body and plays an important role in the blood circulation of the whole body. High boots and tightly packed feet can cause blood vessels and nerves at the instep and ankle joints to be squeezed. This can easily lead to poor blood circulation in some parts of the foot, ankles, and lower legs. The tendon sheath or nerves in the foot Inflammation produces numbness and pain, which is called fistula syndrome. Remove the cause, that is, after replacing loose shoes, these problems will recover in 1 to 2 weeks. If symptoms persist, it is advisable to go to the hospital for rehabilitative medicine for physical therapy such as hot compresses and physiotherapy. At home, you can under armour shoes also do hot compresses, massages, etc. to promote blood circulation in the legs and feet and assist in treatment.

Seventh, enough

Because of the poor ventilation of the high boots, the heat emitted from the feet during walking cannot be dissipated in time. This provides a 鈥渉otbed鈥?for the growth and reproduction of anaerobes and molds, which can easily lead to diseases such as athlete's foot or other foot problems. . Remove these causes, the most important thing is to change shoes and socks, wash feet, and keep the feet dry. Once infected, the ointment for fungal infection can be applied under the guidance of a doctor.

Eight, foot pain

Heavy snow boots are prone to disobedience. Counterfeit goods or poor quality snow boots are not designed according to the foot shape. They are easily deformed and deformed. People always feel that the shoes don鈥檛 follow the movement of the shoes. It鈥檚 inevitable that the shoes will be light and effortless and the arch will be greatly affected. The impact, thus causing damage to the feet, ankles and even knees, buttocks, back waist and so on.

How to remove foot odor

When cleaning your feet, you should focus on cleaning the toe seams that can easily hide the dirt. You should wash your toes one by one. While soaking, scrub your feet with each other for 5-10 minutes, and use a soft-bristled toothbrush under armour discount to brush your toenails. Front-end once.

At least two pairs of shoes should be prepared, shoes and socks should be changed every day, and sweat-absorbent and breathable shoes and socks should be selected. Some poor-quality snow boots should be avoided in particular.

Newly-purchased shoes can evenly spray white liquor in the shoes, and it is not easy to produce odors after being dried.

Through the shoes, wipe the inside of the shoes with alcohol, and then put in a small bag of lime and other desiccants, or press the ball of the camphor ball and sprinkle it in the shoes to avoid odor.

During lunch break or after returning home at night, put on slippers and use professional products such as foot cleaners to remove foot parasites to remove odors.

It is best to add socks to the Paphos foot soaking powder for a while and then dry, which can sterilize and remove odors.