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Wear shoes, then you can not wear socks!

General boys, if it is wearing sports shoes or casual shoes, then you can easily take a pair of socks set on the line, eyes closed with a pair of wear can be. But if you wear shoes, then under armour womens shoes the choice of socks is very important to wear inappropriate can be easily joke Oh! Matching suit socks must be filled socks, black and white can be dark blue, wearing pants, shoes, the same color or deep socks. You can choose socks and shoes a color, seamless. Or choose the color of the socks and pants a color, but also look good. Men's socks texture is generally cotton is appropriate, the length should be high and calf parts, or sit down and reveal the flesh, resulting in visual indecent.

Wear socks to pay attention to the place: 1 do not wear white socks do not wear light or color, and feel neither fish nor fowl. To wear with shoes or pants close to the color, approximate color. General men wear socks to pay attention not only to pay attention to one, two is not a color! But the people who pay attention to absolutely do not wear white socks, unless wearing white shoes, or do not wear white. Qualified men do not wear nylon stockings, but to wear cotton socks or wool socks. Nylon stockings biggest problem is not moisture, airtight, easy to produce odor, will hinder the communication, this is very important.

Shiny big head shoes is not our men in the formal occasions the most suitable? Highlight their own demeanor and gas field, absolutely none other than shoes. Although the comfortable shoes, casual shoes, although good-looking, but the shoes is the most formal is not it? This is why, wedding and other major occasions, are wearing suits and shoes reasons. Noble, aristocratic temperament. Black shiny shiny shoes is not our favorite favor that one? Sharp toe, so that the entire shoe body looks very grade, a card face. In our work, wearing such a shoe, will under armour sale be so deeply so that customers feel very reliable, so that the boss felt very relieved, small shoes are also useful! Casual running shoes has been a small series in the usual leisure travel is very like to wear Oh! Breathable shoe body, comfortable upper, soft soles, walking from the point is not tired, to the foot of a massage feeling. Appearance of the atmosphere, handsome, men and women can wear Oh, tide and handsome a running shoes! Although the shoes is a formal occasion of the necessities, but if in daily life, or running shoes casual shoes more suitable for our feet, wear more comfortable, more convenient action it! Adidas running shoes have always been the leader, breathable upper, soft soles gave us a non-general wearing experience, suitable for you like sports Oh!