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Vintage Matsushita shoes to create temperament literary Fan

?Now the lofty shoes has become a fashionable people must be an element of essential, especially leisure shopping, retro art, or the British college style, a pair of temperament retro cake shoes, absolutely increase your overall fashionable atmosphere blowing the Academy wind , The most popular non-this lace mosaic shoes must be, low to help the small cheap under armour style, can reveal the socks of the dug, with the age of the lace design, so that after you wear the mountain girl temperament, fresh and beautiful vitality. Lazy design of a pedal, wear off do not bend the Department of shoelaces, so you can directly put on the go out, deep mouth upper wrapped feet, but because the use of leather material, so there will be no boring Coke feeling, but the touch is soft and comfortable, which breath effect is also a bar.

Summer students can wear the tide of sports shoes, it is the design of the mesh so that the breath of shoes more prominent effect, toe place cleverly increased the hollow design, to bring you a comfortable wearing experience, while the toe slightly upturned 15 °, more fit feet, will not encounter the road. A wild and stylish Carrefour shoes, thick with the inside increase, so you increase 6cm is not a problem, there will not be too unexpected visual effects, increased more natural, the upper is exquisite decorative diamond, luxury temperament Arises, minutes make you the focus of the street.

Europe and the United States has a modern temperament of Oxford Pistons, the upper shiny slightly, even more British style, fine small shoelaces, fixed and decorative effect is more obvious, with handsome denim pants, with a modern street culture, to The feeling of a playful personality.