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Shoes to wear high heel, in order to fashion is not tired feet?

Every time you buy high heels are very tangled do not know how high to buy, in fact, you are suitable for wearing high shoes, is determined by your height, the best with the long = height x0.618-leg length, sister paper can own Count how long for their own, this time Xiaobian want to share is not too low is not high is just a small low with you, so you are both fashionable and tired feet ~ low-pointed design is very comfortable not tired feet , Especially for wearing fine high-heeled sister paper, lotus root pink color sweet fresh, three-dimensional flowers decorated more elegant and lovely, very suitable for romantic ladies oh ~ patent leather material to make shoes more shining, pointed little low with the version Elegant and decent, not grinding feet, vamps of the curl bow cute cute, pure white color is more fresh and elegant, Compared to the above to that paragraph, this square head and almost flat design more casual daily, metal ring design more personalized handsome, heel on the Dingzhu decoration is very elegant, pure black color is very wild Square head with a small rough version of the type is more comfortable not tired feet, the upper leather buckle design can effectively prevent the shoes fall, red wine color more retro elegance.

Pointed small rough with the version of the type is very comfortable and casual, Xiaobian also have a pair of the under armour discount same paragraph, usually at home directly as a slippers to wear, go out directly to the buckle on the line, white color fresh and elegant, very obvious temperament. Stiffy leather to cheap under armour make shoes more type, pointed small rough with the version of the type is not tired feet, wearing a shopping day no problem, cross the crotch of the shoe to reveal the most fine ankle, black color is very wild. See the first time that is very suitable for elegant lady, pointed small rough with the version of the comfort at the same time very intellectual and decent, white color more plain and elegant, very suitable for office owners wear. Square head and almost flat with the design is very comfortable and elegant, whether it is with a skirt or pants are no problem, metal ring decorated personality handsome, pure black color does not pick clothing, very wild. Bright patent leather material so that shoes look more shining, pointed little low with the design of elegant and not tired feet, metal side buckle decorative personality handsome, red color more glamorous. The design of the word buckle highlights the thinnest ankle, pointed low and low version of the type of intellectual and comfortable, especially for those who do not wear fine high-heeled sister paper, black color is more wild, do not pick people wear.

Very dazzling a pointed shoes, upper bow decorated cute cute, the inside of the hollow design more comfortable and easy to wear off, pink under armour outlet color of cheap under armour the girls heart full, super suitable for the skin of the white girl wearing paper. Round head and almost flat with the version of the type of super comfortable leisure, daily wear is no problem, there are a little bit of Meng Meng, metal side deduction full of personality, beige color more plain and elegant.