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Shoes really do not wear like this

Many people think that the shoes feel the shoes in the position with the high, in fact, this idea is wrong. Shoes wrong pass will destroy the proportion of body, then, how to wear shoes is correct it! Short boots are considered with any skirt can be with a decent shoes, if the boots well, wear a spring autumn winter basically No problem ~ the most suitable for short boots with your wardrobe long skirts, short + long combination of elegant and avoid under armour sale the sense of procrastination, was afraid of a short coat on the outside and high waist underwear, this method of wear Particularly suitable for autumn and winter dare not try dress little fairy. The short skirts + boots, this combination if their own conditions are not good, it is best not to suggest the best, it is easy to expose the shortcomings, wearing a five-fifths ratio can not look good yo!

Knee boots have always been very popular with the fairies, warm, gas field, leg was leg length, set all the advantages of a knee-high boots is the most pick of a kind of shoes. Over the knee boots for short skirts with, especially small girls, very under armour discount significant leg length Oh! But for the length of the skirt there are requirements, do not like the right girl with the same figure, not only the leg was short, but also The overall shape was very procrastination. The classic autumn and winter shoes undoubtedly Martin boots, Carrefour shoes are only two years before the fire up, the most wild paragraph is black, the street can often be seen. If you wear long skirts Martin boots to choose a little delicate style, does not seem too bulky lower body ~ Carrefour shoes in the winter with the match will often appear, although the hair slippers already bad street, but still how to look how lazy and fashionable