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Sharp pointed shoes, showing elegant charm

Speaking of high heels, dating back to the 18th century France of Louis XIV dynasties, originally invented to limit the governess, but because it can play the role of body building, but by the Paris fashion women love, appeared Women non-high-heeled do not wear the situation; from the invention so far, women's pursuit of high-heeled shoes, has never been broken, it now seems to be the favorite darling of the fashion industry, for different heels with different design elements, you can Showing the different charm of women, including pointed shoes can be described under armour discount as a synonym for intellectual and elegant pointed high-heeled design, so that women's feet lines under armour outlet look more attractive, in virtually stretching the leg curve, regardless of your Is with elegant trench coat or temperament dress, a suitable pointed female high heel, are fully HOLD live, under armour womens shoes below, follow Xiaobian feet together to see it!

Pointed shoes design, can be regarded as the favorite of women, compact upper can be well decorated feet, but also can visually extend the effect of the foot, for the wearer to build slender legs, Slim proportion of the more slender, but pointed shoes itself with elegant charm. Shoes with high-quality nubuck leather fabrics, textures in the texture there are quality have a good show, with elements on the mink, so that this shoe is more noble sense of superb technology to make this shoe with a sexy Thin with, and then take a long way to go and not tired; soles non-slip design, so that walking more stable; a pair of super-gas with sharp pointed boots, the overall version followed the classic high-heeled boots, , With suede matte gloss even more luxurious texture, followed by the three-color stripes hit the color to increase the overall sense of liveliness, more than a little more domineering femininity. Bow has been elegant and lovely female representatives, the butterfly cheap under armour as an insect in nature, from ancient to now have attracted the poet's eyes, but also a symbol of good things, its elegant and charming form, the wings are also very unique pattern, elegant bow , Also gathered full of girlhood feelings.