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Shallow mouth shoes with the foot, the key was actually because there is no heel

High heels do not with the foot, the problem plagued most of the girls, and even the stars are inevitable each encounter this situation, we always throw the shoes to the shoes do not fit, in fact, the back of the pot is indeed a little innocent, Today, small people with a detailed analysis of the reasons, and to provide you with some of the skills to help. One reason: the problem of shoes

Question 1: shoes big feet this is the most direct, but also we often encounter problems. Small stay grandmother and mother are feet are particularly small people, every time visiting the right shoes, just like the rare treasures encountered, regardless of price and style, have to win to say. Solution 1: empty toe with stockings to fill (previously filled with toilet paper, but still too hard, and the results of a sweat can be imagined .....) to prepare two money a pair of short stockings , Stuffed to the soles of the under armour womens shoes feet, not only soft feet, but also the shoes will not hurt. For the relatively thin feet of the feet, but the length can be put on the loose but under armour discount will fall off, this time can help before the foot pad. After the cheap under armour foot with the first half of the role of the same head, in a variety of materials, we recommend the use of silicone material, more comfortable, but also increase the friction, compared to the kind of skin, a bit like a band-aid thing is no big The role of the bad, but also bad wear foot.

Question 2: The shoes are too hard

When walking, we are the first foot of the soles of the feet, and then followed by the heel down, in this process, the feet will naturally bend changes, if the shoes are too hard, heel landing and then lift up when the natural separation, and then do not ~ Feet friends. Buy soft leather shoes, small sheepskin ah, small suede, calfskin, etc., the kind of bright leather patent leather PU material, or carefully selected. Even if the election is also looking for the kind of soft feel. Scrub sheepskin shoes, feel delicate and comfortable, not grinding feet, diamond head decoration is also great it.