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Selected boots, big legs and smart forward

Since autumn, the number of sunny days less and less, the temperature difference is getting bigger and bigger, warm has become a very important thing. However, in this era of competing bloom beautiful times, if the bunch of hands, would not live up to the beauty of God give you a beautiful face and perfect body? So boldly abandon those prejudices and old ideas, live their own smart, with a pair of beautiful boots, come out of their own beautiful way! This fall winter is very popular Shihlin velvet material, very texture, rough with a very steady temperament was thin, inside and velvet can be worn in autumn and winter, comfortable and warm, square style more retro classic. Take the retro literary route of the girls, this new boots is a good choice. Soft suede material wear well and wear-resistant, long before and after the short boots design, protection of the ankle can be significantly longer feet. under armour shoes Tie buckle decoration, with a little art, zipper design to wear off when it will be more convenient. Front zipper design is a bit tide of handsome, retro square head design a full gas field, about 5CM rough with comfortable and Fan, the overall effect is very stylish on the foot and that can be very good foot modification. Joker temperament and was thin boots, upper is sheep's wool velvet soft and breathable material, the sole is wear-resistant rubber at the cheap under armour end of the pointed-type is very thin with a very stable and not afraid of wearing a long time will be tired, the upper lace The design of some of the wrinkles is very stylish place. Pedicure small round new boots, soft PU leather stitching frosted leather fabric, so that the upper layer of rich sense of hierarchy. Inside the zipper design, to bring you easy to wear off. Non-slip wear-resistant rubber soles, flat with a good height control, comfortable and elegant dress.

Booties, to be comfortable but also fashion, these shoes with a lace, but also with a side zipper, lace and side straps can be adjusted tight, two styles of design, do not feel cool yet. 9.5 cm high heels, to meet the increasing under armour sale idea of mall fairies.