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Reasons and solutions of shoe grinding toes

Most people know that the heel of the shoe can be made to soften the heel of the heel by a certain method, but how to wear the shoe toe? Shoes grinding toes what reason? Take a look at the reasons for shoe grinding toes and solutions! When choosing the size must choose the size for your own, shoe size can be large, but must not be small. You can use the hair dryer softening method, cloth winding method to solve the problem of shoe grinding toes.

Shoes grinding feet finger how to do one: Hair dryer softening method

Hair dryer with softening shoes, shoes can effectively reduce the situation of the foot. This method is ideal for newly bought shoes, especially thin, cortex hard leather style, this shoe is not easy to get out of blisters blisters. How to soften, so shorten the shoes and the foot of the run-in period? The first step, wear a pair of thick cotton socks, and then put on shoes; the second step, with the hot air blower blows the foot parts of the mill under armour womens shoes around 5 minutes. At the same time, stretch your toes, comfortable appropriate; the third step, continue to wear shoes, so slowly let the shoes cool down; the fourth step, take off your shoes and enjoy the comfortable feel it!

Shoes grinding feet finger how to do method two: cloth winding method

This method is not very strange sounds, in fact, look at what kind of shoes, like flip flops can use this approach to solve. Though the flip-flops are "convertible", they really can not rest for a long time, grinding the tender part between the big toe and the two toes. With a thin cloth around the sandals dragging one or two laps, so that the part of the pinch becomes soft, you can very well avoid grinding feet. This method can not only reduce the degree of grinding feet, but also the transformation of the United States and the United States shoes Oh!

Shoes grinding feet finger how to do three: liquor smear under armour discount method

White wine smears to avoid the principle of shoes grinding feet finger, that is, the role of alcohol to soften the shoes. A small towel full immersion in the white wine, remove the plug to the location of the grinding foot, we must close to live. This place a night, you can play the purpose of softening the shoes of the cortex.

Shoes grinding feet finger how to do? In addition to the above methods, there are many, such as rolling pressure law, wedge law, but most of these methods are based on the damage of the shoes. How to avoid the root of the shoe grinding foot finger, the key is to pick the shoes, excellent material for the shoes, you can choose freshman yard shoes. At the same time, it is recommended to try shoes in the afternoon at 3 o'clock, this time the foot is basically the biggest day, you can better choose the fit shoes. Most of the shoes due to stereotypes need to be in the middle of the shoe and the upper to add a stereotypes chemical film to under armour shoes ensure that the shoe is not easily deformed on the foot can also be a protective effect. The chemical chip material is relatively hard with the latter part of the shoe molding can not handle the details well lead to wear shoes in the process of wearing shoes phenomenon. Hazards: Wear long-term wear foot shoes easily lead to corns, paronychia, thumb valgus and other diseases.