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Put on the and the United States cool sandals, while walking like thin

There is no too lazy to wear sandals, wanted to pedal on the slippers to go and go sister? To tell the truth, Xiaobian too lazy to wear sandals tied so much trouble. But ordinary slippers simply do not wear, not to mention shopping, dating what friends Days in the road, Xiaobian in order to solve the pain of the majority of female compatriots, searched Taobao, find a few both good look and under armour womens shoes a pedal on the slippers ~ ~ various styles of lazy, with a variety of clothes , The most important thing is that you want to lean on the edge of Oh! Square head shoes with coarse sandals. Spring and summer this year, this kind of Baotou slippers do not have a small number of fire to say it Upper material high-grade patent leather, comes with natural luster. Classic horse buckle high-end atmosphere on the grade, so wear out completely do not see is a cool towel ok! Fish mouth word drag. This pair of shoes looked very cheap under armour comfortable, pure leather to build, soft and comfortable. Fish mouth high-grade atmosphere. Four colors with you pick, with a variety of pants, skirts are excellent oh ~ ~

Fine high with pointed sandals. Elegant little pointed white was thin, 7 cm cup with, long wear is not tired, wear off easily. Unique bow tie under armour womens shoes with small details, while in the elegant yet cute cute, the goddess must Oh ~ ~ H leather word drag. Hollow mouth design coupled with a unique letter, Europe and the United States Fan full. The first layer of cowhide production, fried chicken soft and comfortable. Beef tendon you want to go on how to go, went to the ends of the earth are not afraid, ha ha ~ ~ fashion wear lazy sandals Bow and classic models are very nice! And then with this year's ultra-popular fishing net socks is simply not so beautiful! Uppers are soft dough, the light will have a low-key glossy, very obvious temperament. Daren people love the thick slippers, wear high and thin! Rhinestones embellished so that the whole shoe looks blingbling ~ comfortable ultra-light, wear-resistant non-slip, go to the beach and ultimately it's oh ~ ~ slope with pine cake at the end of sandals. In the summer, you need a pair of breathable muffled sandals. Worry about slippers? NO! This is no need to worry, comfort increased, built-in latex pad, cushioning pressure, magic increased stovepipe! Fish mouth rough with the word drag. 11 cm high heel plus 3 cm waterproof platform design to prevent accidental fall. Luxury first layer of leather, bring a sense of gloss. It is time to show your sexy big legs, and crush them quickly action it!