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Practical first sandals, there are so many comfortable choices

Good-looking sandals so much, what should buy it? I still that sentence, on the wild under armour outlet real wear, only a piece of sandals. Simple and generous design, not only do not pick clothes, not pick the occasion, is the basic models of sandals, however, every time talking about a piece of sandals to someone to complain, and that it is the United States and the United States, but in fact very pick people, Especially not suitable for meat flesh, the meat are Le out, the amount of ~ a lot of thin high-heel even more difficult to wear, and more suitable for the red carpet on the female stars. Well, you're right. However, this year should not have this trouble. Because this year's popular word with sandals become under armour womens shoes more comfortable and less pick people. The upper of the tape becomes wider and wider heel height has become more and more approachable, more popular in the low with, rough with. Put it on, we can visually increase a few centimeters, but also Jianbufeifei, serve two purposes And, and in previous years, this year's popular word with sandals color, material has become more abundant, comfortable and nice there are many. One of the most classic inside the style or some under armour sale of the thin section of the upper, feet Narrow people will wear better look, delicate, delicate.

Shoes are very high cost, I also bought a few pairs. This brand style is mostly simple and concise, not easy to obsolete. Here the upper at first glance seems to be composed of two thin tape. Metal color of the word with sandals also a lot of two years, the style will be more cool and more personality, but in fact it is also good ride This year a lot of brands are out of the metal color, I planted a few pairs of grass (cover his face) In addition to the ordinary one-piece, wide and one is more and more popular, and its toe like a fish mouth, style and temperament On the more retro.