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Male type to develop: master shoes and pants with color

Shoes and pants with the color often determines a shape taste, then what kind of color is appropriate with it? If you have no confidence with their own words, may wish to refer to the following match is also good. We selected the men's shoes in the most common four shoes, together to see them and what color pants best match. Under normal circumstances the black gives us the feeling is calm, but restrained, relatively the most formal black lace shoes, basically suitable for black to gray pants; general and dress, suits and other dress with the most common. At this point should pay attention to trousers, black shoes and socks three colors uniform or similar to the legs and feet in the tone to become a complete one; even mature and casual style, men's clothing or the principle of clothes, 3 types. When the black leather shoes encounter blue, should avoid with lighter blue, generally midnight blue, dark blue is more suitable. Especially taboo is wearing a brown suit never wear black shoes. Whether it is a classic suits suit, reckless windbreaker, bright color of the double-breasted jacket, or the pilot leather jacket, monk shoes, regardless of what kind of fashion with no obvious unexpected. Light brown is the preferred color of the investment monk shoes, it can be almost all the color into the pants, with blue-gray system is more able to reflect its calm introverted, and with the same color brown is more elegant and clear. To say the most classic combination, try light brown and navy blue combination, especially in the dress situation, recommended to do not want to wear a boring suit you.

Carrefour shoes originated in the North American Indians, as early as 1930 has appeared, but then oblique upper no decoration. The subsequent Lok Fu shoes decorated a tape across the instep, and opened in the shape of the opening of the lips, but also used to put 5 coins, so also called pearl blessing shoes. Penny shoes in the absence of shoelaces casual shoes in the most representative of this shoe is the most indispensable elements of youth dress. But because of its easy to wear off the characteristics, it is easy to give a sense of laziness, it is not suitable for the official authority of the black tie pants with. Usually it is with the gray, tobacco color, copper or partial coffee, the classic color to show the elegant side of the sexy, and the combination of blue and add a mature wild. British ceremonial expert John Morgan in the "Times" etiquette column exclaimed: "In addition to Oxford shoes and three-piece suit, the British gentleman's good times can not find the Oxford shoes this most popular retro lace shoes Now has become a men's shoes in the essential one of its elegant classic shoes outline, called the absolute zero NG gentleman shoes in all colors such as wine red wine as the main color of autumn and winter, under armour discount both Black and elegant fashionable quality, but also highlight the refined and gentle gentleman character, it is basically with all the colors of the pants with the red wine can wear on the taste of the man must have a taste of the cheap under armour content of the best gentleman.