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How to remove stains from small white shoes

Small white under armour shoes shoes stained with stains must be processed in time, otherwise the longer the stain stays the better not to clean up, the following for the canvas white shoes and leather white shoes offer two different cleaning methods: Canvas white shoes 1 first Put the shoes in warm water and soak 2 Toothpaste has a strong decontamination effect Squeezing the toothpaste on the brush Then brushing the soaked canvas shoes will have a magical effect 3 Wash the shoes with toothpaste and put them in clean water Once

4 then take a pot of under armour outlet warm water in the water, put 80 ml of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of salt, stir the canvas shoes bottom down and soak for 30 minutes 5 will soak the canvas shoes picked up with a white paper towel to cover the entire The shoes in the upper will be taken out of the paper towel and dried. The dried shoes will become white and clean.

Leather white shoes 1 For the leather texture of the small white shoes before the cleaning to shake off the dust on the shoes 2 and then take a pot of warm water in the water, put 80 ml of white vinegar, 2 tablespoons of salt after mixing with a scouring pad dip Take a mixture of liquid scrub shoes 3 and then brush with a toothpaste brush fine brush the dirt on the surface and cracks in the shoes 4 so your little white shoes will get new students we can use a towel or non-woven to the surface of the shoe The dust was wiped clean and there was not a lot of dust on the shoes. It is also possible to use a clean brush. Do not apply water in this step. Then we need a 4B eraser, just like a pencil eraser, to slowly erase the black print. The 4B eraser is an artifact, super strong decontamination ability, if your leather shoes on what kind of marks are also wiped off. Use a new non-woven fabric, soak it in water and wring it out. Then squeeze baby shower gel and knead until it is blistering. Then give your white shoes a bubble bath. The inside of the shoes can be washed, but be sure to remember that there can not be too many blisters on the cloth. Because in addition to canvas fabrics, other small white shoes are best not to under armour discount touch Too much water will go away! Then wipe the shoes with a clean little towel to wipe off the foam and dust. If you are afraid of detergent residue, you can wash a towel, squeeze it and wipe it several times.