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How to choose a pair of suitable football shoes for children?

For many parents, the lack of knowledge of football shoes with an array of merchandise became the parents of children's football shoes for the selection of a major problem. To this end, we will from the children's soccer shoes, functional, protective, cost-effective and other angles from the point of view to some suggestions, hope to help parents choose a pair of suitable football shoes for children! Compared to other sports, football is a strong antagonistic movement, due to the frequent use of the foot, the venue special and other reasons, the sports wear shoes on the protection of the higher requirements. Therefore, the general shoes are not suitable for playing. Especially in the development of the children, because the bones without ossification completed, joints, ligaments, arch, the nervous system are in the development process, any neglect under armour discount may bring accidental injury, serious and even left a lifetime of illness. Take a look at everyday shoes, why not fit football? If the child wears shoes to play, due to the special material of the shoes, the hard soles and the larger weight will make the jump are restricted, easy to damage the toes; shoes shoes lack of wrapping, soles lack of slip, easy Fall or Wei feet; basketball shoes is too heavy can not match the foot touch the ball action; running shoes, although lighter, but the steering is poor, not suitable for football. Visible is not what shoes are suitable for football, a pair of suitable professional football shoes is the best choice.

First choice shoes is the first thing is the cheap under armour venue and spike match. Soccer shoes are usually natural lawn, artificial turf, gravel cement and indoor flooring, relative to basketball shoes, running shoes and other types of sports shoes, soccer under armour discount shoes grip is particularly important, football shoes are usually used in the soles The way to install the spike to increase the ability to grip. In addition to foot type, the appropriate size is also very important. Soccer shoes buyers easy to commit one of the small mistakes, is to buy a pair of shoes are not suitable size. If the shoes are too large, then the emergency stop and other links will be very uncomfortable, even because of poor packaging problems such as Wei feet and other sports injuries easily caused; and if too small, will withstand the toes, causing congestion, toenails off and other consequences. At the same time, because the child's foot type in the continuous growth, give them the choice of shoes, the shoes front to the toes should stay baby fingers wide (0.5cm) shoes is the most appropriate. Of course, you should also take into account the child's specific foot type and the speed of their growth.

Fit: take into account the children in the course of movement protection and comfort, a pair of professional football shoes must first fit. The overall shoe for the foot of the package and the sense of fit, to avoid the movement of Wei feet, blistering, falls and other accidental injuries, will provide the most intimate care for children in the movement. : Football is a professional and endurance exercise, so light, comfortable and professional shoes is an important consideration. Lightweight material design, will provide players with the movement of the speed of light running, but also a balanced buffer running is the shoes when the pressure on the soles of the feet to achieve lightweight cushioning. Non-slip: football, a pair of professional shoes not only good anti-skid function and can provide flexible steering force and grip, to the greatest degree of avoid slipping / fall and so on for the players every emergency stop, turn, Provide the most powerful support and security protection. Wear: a pair of professional soccer shoes, the selection of high-quality wear-resistant materials, not only on the pitch to give players a sense of excellent touch and comfort, but also to each pair of shoes steel frame pull, The For most people, a pair of comfortable wear-resistant professional shoes will be their favorite reason. Therefore, parents in the choice of children for the first pair of soccer shoes do not have to superstitious brand and nationality, to believe that the industry has specialized, choose a pair of their most suitable football shoes is the most important.