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High heels were originally designed for boys Really play ah ~

High heels is a woman's boots, pedal on the high-heeled, minutes of gas field open. However, high heels is no longer a woman's patent, and even it was not originally designed for women, high heels was a man's supplies. Louis XIV in order to make themselves look taller and more powerful, more confident and authoritative, so that shoemaker for his shoes fitted with 4-inch high heel, and the heel painted red to show its distinguished identity. Subsequently, high heels will be popular in the French court, and high heels exclusive male, for women is a restricted area. So, high heels turned out to be a man to wear? Or to show demeanor and elegance, to attract more women? So, men really play! Until 1533, a Florentine aristocratic woman Catherine de Medicis put on under armour sale a 2-inch high heels, the purpose is that when she gets married you can look under armour outlet higher. This was a pioneering work, high heels finally tear off the "male aristocratic symbol of the identity", this became a symbol of fashion. However, with the famous Enlightenment began, rational and pragmatic spirit has been promoted, so, known as the era of male depreciation began. Men no longer wear jewelry, no longer wearing beautiful color eye-catching clothing, even at that time wearing high heels of men will be considered a fool and sissy. So to the 1840s, men are no longer wearing high heels.

So that the development of high heels is also twists and turns ah, until now by virtue of its advantages to become a woman's darling. The woman put it on, unconsciously will stick up up, walking from the posture will be able to release the hormone stimulus. Do not say, hurry to come to their own selection of a pair of high heels, pay attention to the heel to moderate Oh, if not to attend any special occasions, usually wearing 4 ~ 5cm high heels has been able to highlight the elegant temperament ~ handsome fashion fight color shallow shoes , Filling the atmosphere simple fashion temperament, shaping under armour outlet the elegant fashion feminine. Shallow mouth of the design, it is highlights the delicate and capable temperament, retro fine with the version type, it is to show charming posture, was tall and temperament, the woman's all the advantages are displayed most vividly, elongated body proportions, filling Woman handsome feeling. Leg band is undoubtedly the focus of the focus, then the upper design of the lines, as simple as possible, a sense of space. If the leg is not very good legs, I remember not tied too high, tied to the ankle above the position is just right. Wear pants, take the skirt effect is good. Leather straps with high heel, really full of flavor, foot comfort, do not want to take off the feet. Version is more praise the extreme, small pointed with lace, simple yet the atmosphere! Shoes, shoes, plus the comfort of the shoe itself is your greatest sense of value, will enter a single product! The Super-temperament of a single shoes, small flavor of the flavor is very strong, and small pointed design with a three-dimensional sense of a good shoelace, very suitable for small girls. Commodities are also super good with, with trousers, skirts can wear clothing out of the elegant feeling.