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High heels too high? Why not choose this pair of shoes!

High heels too high, take a long time too tired? Do not get attention? Wearing uncomfortable? Come on, let's uplift these problems! Wild ~ ~ comfortable ~ three characteristics set in a shoe, regardless of shopping, dating, travel will bring it Oh, it is really very comfortable Oh, the United States and the United States da ~ ~! Cabbage prices you can have it, sisters quickly start with it, not much chance Oh! Refined inside, fine production, care of women, starting from the foot! Chinese medicine theory that there are three meridians from the foot began to the abdomen (spleen, liver, kidney); there are three meridians from the head began to the foot (bladder, gallstones, stomach). In addition, there are 30 points below the ankle, which are mostly a wide range of important points of attending. With the growth of age, the foot itself will become more and more loose ligaments, bone wear, foot skin thickening, peripheral nerve insensitive under armour womens shoes and other characteristics, may appear some discomfort, at cheap under armour the same time, if at this time and often wear a pair of high heels, More likely to feel the walking pressure, standing or walking longer will appear foot, ankle, knee, hip and waist pain. Therefore, the daily life needs a light, comfortable, soft, can cushion the pressure of walking shoes to ease the foot discomfort, flat shoes can play its advantages.

Women should learn how to dress themselves, do not need too much change, perhaps just for a pair of shoes only, will let you find the most beautiful of their own! Girls like sports wind, comfortable fashion, but with a small thought or want a lost Sexy charm! NB casual shoes with the same color of the package skirt, is not very beautiful ah, without losing the high heels sexy, but also enjoy the comfort of matte skin, shopping, pressure road, simply can not stop!