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High heels save money and practical maintenance methods, you know how much

Girls are love shoes mad crazy family, and some pairs of high heels are almost a month's salary, but such expensive shoes, have to spend a lot of money to care, distressed, then the following a few economical and practical way You can try, petty women look oh! High-heeled shoes save money and practical maintenance methods, you know how much! Leather is flexible, under the hot sun, sweat will make it become very relaxed, only after a period of dormancy, to fully dry. There are usually new shoes stuffed with waste paper, and with under armour discount sticks to withstand the toe and heel, these seemingly useless "junk", you still do not lose as under armour discount well, in the "dormant period", you can put them back Sneaked into the shoes to help restore the original shoe last shoe type, make the next dress more comfortable. If your heels are wet, you should quickly dry the moisture-sensitive part of the moisture with a soft cloth or paper towel and wipe the mud spots splashing on the surface. If there is a larger block of mud attached, you can use a knife knife to scrape it back, then wipe a trace with a damp cotton cloth. Glazing, oiled the frequency should not be too high. In addition to the same color to maintain oil, in fact, some daily food also has leather care functions. If the leather surface cracks, you can use some candle powder filling the pattern, and iron ironing, and then wipe the same color shoe polish. However, due to the temperature is difficult to grasp, it is recommended that you please help professionals or better. Glasses glasses pro cloth glasses should be full of crashes everywhere, glasses cloth are generally more delicate and soft, used to wipe shoes will not scratch the surface of the leather, is a very good choice.

When the preservation of the season, the shoe thoroughly over and over again, stored in dry and cool place, it is best to use the shoe stays up and maintain the shoes are not deformed, when the maintenance, the oil must be thoroughly clean and then save the general season Storage time is longer, even with the support of the shoe will have a certain degree of deformation, it is best to put off the season shoes, every one to two months at home to wear 5-10 minutes, so you can Effectively prevent the deformation of shoes. Soft pig skin breathable and comfortable, high quality, personalized snakeskin pattern showing a bold avant-garde sense of the trend. Sheepskin insoles dry and breathable, to create a comfortable wearing space, set off your elegant posture. Personality profile chic and generous, snake skin pattern with metal color more atmospheric trend. Elegant fine with a high degree of moderate, smooth and full of tonality, shaping the slim beauty of women. Elegant Mesh has a fine ventilation holes, soft texture, exquisite floral patterns so that the shoes are feminine, sexy and refined. Sheepskin insoles feel smooth and delicate, soft skin texture, perspiration, and keep your feet dry. Pointed design makes your feet look more attractive charm, sexy shape, showing a different female temptation. Jiaoqiao with the shape, a smooth height, comfortable and comfortable to wear, stylish and practical.