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Have you ever seen with the dress, "not serious" leather shoes

In many people's eyes, the shoes are prepared for business people, after all, the comfort of shoes on the shoes are not comfortable, if it comes with the case, the limitations of the leather seems to be revealed, the shoes really can only With suits? In fact, in addition with the formal dress, there are many possibilities shoes. You've seen do not match the dress, "not serious" shoes under armour shoes do! Before we understand how to match the "not serious" shoes, we have to understand the shoes which are common. Shoes are mainly divided into dress shoes, three joints, Mengkai shoes, Carrefour shoes and Martin boots several, each has its own unique characteristics, also subordinate to different with under armour discount the style, what will be with the trend of the times The changes, shoes are the same, these different types, more catered to the needs of people's shoes. With a pair of leather shoes as a match, the entire style will become mature atmosphere, shoes are not serious with the semi-formal semi-casual, not only elegant yet comfortable. In the choice of shirt to be more formal, concise style, so with the shoes will not appear sudden sense of choice in the pants, you can choose self-cultivation khaki pants or casual pants, not only balanced with under armour discount the very type.

Finished with, for everyday shoes are the most vulnerable to wear, leather things best not to water, so in the rain and snow can wear less shoes to go out, when the water hungry, use a towel to dry, rub Shoe polish, put under armour womens shoes dry ventilation. Leather shoes daily maintenance is to more shoe polish, you can keep the upper gloss, but also can prevent leather aging. Xiao Bian here to teach the baby a small coup, with lemon juice or toothpaste to shoe, shoe cleaning will feel more, rub the shoe polish on the bright future. The combination of formal and casual pants will become the key to the connection, so to match the shoes, must pay attention to the choice of pants, so that the transition will become very natural, stylish and not exaggerated. Classic minimalist style, highlighting the charm of men. High-quality two layers of leather, natural leather cortex, comfortable breathable, textured, convenient Velcro design, so that shoes become more simple, breathable and comfortable inside, so feet more comfortable, walking has become a pleasure. Atmospheric style, the choice of high-quality comfortable leather, elastic design, more comfortable, more convenient to wear off, car sewing design more solid. Rubber outsole soles design, gives you a different fashion experience, which is more soft and skin-friendly, easier on the feet.

New technology interpretation of the trendy, wild style, microfiber bevel material, soft texture, clear texture, good air permeability. Rubber outsole design, non-slip wear, small particles designed to make walking more peace of mind, lace style, small details highlight the design sense. Upper gauze fabric breathable better, more comfortable and skin-friendly. Inside the small hole in the design, strong absorbent, more dry, rubber outsole selection, has a better non-slip wear resistance, running shoes style, more casual and vibrant shape, solid color design even more refreshing. A pedal style shoes are very convenient to wear, canvas fabric breathable and more comfortable in the summer. Foot tight loose, not only played the role of bundle shoes, it is a playful design, rubber soles, soft wear longer, casual style full of youthful feeling.