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Fashion nail households, wild little white shoes spring and summer

Small white shoes with its youth fashion simple style, has become a fashion circle and not stand the nail households. This is enough to show that its charm can stand the test of time. Little white shoes of the aphorism, probably is to change the status quo, change from the case of it! We will find that no matter what style of clothes with small white shoes have their own unique beauty. Looking at these beautiful little white shoes, are you tempted? Lazy a pedal wear off the ultra-convenient, soles tendon base buckle anti-skid effect is also very praise, wear special board will not particularly hard, tightly wrapped around the soft wearing a very foot, inside the use of deodorant insoles, comfort Excellent, the upper is printed cartoon map, very Q is also more intuitive three-dimensional, super quality, you can not fade washed Oh.

Shoes look good, very comfortable feet, no foot odor is not grinding feet, or flat wearing comfortable, especially the color shoelaces and white match together is very delicate, summer wear well take clothes, white is simply wild, Xiao Bian like this style, there are small behind the smile, especially cute. High-quality ultra-fiber uppers, version of the ultra-modified foot type, appears to be very thin feet, increased 3.5cm, was significantly thin, natural rubber at the end, non-slip safety, soles uniform color, quality bar, Pants or skirts are over the wild, dating, shopping pair get.

The upper selection of lychee pattern of ultra-fiber, soft and flexible texture, comfortable feet, cotton lace, soft to the handle, the preparation of compact and compact, even if used for a long time, not easy to play the ball, Sewing process, needle and thread neatly, even alignment, so that the combination of soles and primer more solid is not easy to crack, shoes, blue and red side of the modified, to improve the overall personality of the shoes,

2017 spring new sports sports small white shoes, leather casual wind, under armour womens shoes combined with texture and leather and quite three-dimensional shape stitching, giving style classic appearance, personalized leisure, full of tide, this section to breathable comfort, highlighting the unique personality charm , So that walking becomes easy and lively, regardless of pants, skirts, T-shirts, coats, can be perfect match.