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Every day by high heels torture the United States girl who you have saved it!

Many people think that lipstick and high heels are the most distinctive signs of women, full of charm of high heels does make women look more slim and varied. Women who wear high heels after the share of self-confidence and beauty we all see, but behind the sad but only their own clear. High heels can bring beautiful, but tortured by their tears are also a lot of people, the United States girl who is also very beautiful for the United States. In order to benefit the majority of female friends, Xiao Bian for everyone to collect a little trick, to ease the pain caused by high heels. First of all for the sake of everyone's health, high heels or do not wear every day, long-term wear high heels naturally needless under armour shoes to say, but also cause thumb eversion and flat feet. A lot of low-heeled shoes, but also to show your beauty. Sweet and comfortable low-heeled sandals, you can easily deal with shopping, dating and other occasions. T-type hollow style design, not only breathable comfort, but also show an elegant pure retro temperament, coupled with sweet and pleasant bow elements, enjoy the release of your unique wind color. Summer is coming, in addition to sandals, light and lovely little cool sand is also a very good choice Oh Meng people who have no resistance to the rabbit shape, coupled with the lovely bow, it is very playful and lively, absolute careless weapon. Comfortable three-dimensional shoe bed, you can under armour womens shoes let the force dispersed, easy decompression. Perfect fit the foot of the curve, but also make the legs naturally stretch. So bright and vibrant girl girl shoes, how can the lack of summer it. If you usually walk cheap under armour more, it must be prepared on a pair of wild little white shoes. Small white shoes of the degree of natural needless to say, if you have not prepared a pair, then you out of friends. Simple classic atmosphere version of the type, virtually can stretch the leg lines, even if not high heels, but also to achieve a very significant increase in the effect of thin.

Slope with the shoes can be a very good choice, both to achieve the effect of modified leg lines, but also have a very good effect, and the traditional high heels compared to more easily. Color jumping Bohemian style slope with sandals, and summer atmosphere is also equipped with Oh. But sometimes because of beauty or the work of the prototype, wearing high heels is unavoidable. Then in the selection of shoes when we should pay attention to, comfort must be the most important. Try to go more time to walk, feel the shoes of everyone is appropriate, is not stable enough. Wearing shoes is the posture to be correct, the rise of the chest can not only make you look more confident and beautiful, but also a good grasp of the body's focus. Many people wear high heels after walking staggering, are caused by the center of gravity instability. When wearing high heels, the pace can be a little smaller, especially fine with the high heels, no experience of people really bad control. Yes, at the same height, if you choose some rough with or slope of the shoes can be much easier Oh. Some new shoes more grinding feet, you can use a little hot wet towel stuffed, under normal circumstances a night of time the place will be softened feet. You can also use the hair dryer to open the wind blowing, but also to achieve the same effect. If the time is more urgent, or when you wear the shoes to find the grinding feet, then Band-Aid is the savior, in the feel of grinding bleeding or pain place a piece of Band-Aid, you can quickly relieve pain.