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Early spring shoes basic models, fashion wild wear out young children

To spring in addition to the necessary spring we have to buy a few pairs of shoes, as a fashion queen we not only have the quality of the clothes have requirements, but also the requirements of the shoes, we always go to the street with a well prepared equipment, the same Can not be less, so our shoes several basic models of shoes must have, high heels, flat shoes, sports under armour shoes shoes to adapt to different occasions, the length of the shoe will be longer than usual shoes, looks a lot of delicate, Foot feeling will be a lot of comfort, the toe and heel with a small color of the process, the overall feeling will not be very monotonous, a pedal design wear easy, soles tendon bottom, soft and non-slip, with a long coat, Shirt, hot pants, the overall dress out leg long.

Shoe last super comfortable, shoe-like look, 3cm heel unique soles design, comfortable at the same time more visually tall and thin, simple and not simple, put on a very unique taste of a large end wear anti-skid foot feeling good, go out Do not know what to wear when the shoes, it is you a minute out of the weapon, the tide burst. Xiaobian personal bias in a little weight of the casual shoes, should be static should move, put on the minutes will be minutes to note your shoes, like this leisure section are generally very good with clothes, will appear longer legs, skin Face made into a small hole, so it will look pretty playful, plus a little pattern to do embellishment, so that this shoe more than a lot of lovely, two colors, black cool, white straightforward, inside Increase the design, looking at the same flat shoes, but the moment to raise the altitude Oh

Exquisite toe, high quality PU and sexy lines perfect combination, beautiful breathable, built-in high-heeled design, comfortable intimate, enhance the practicality, experience a new height, hidden with the type, can not hide the personality trend, black and white, With different clothes, piercing different styles, super wild Oh Retro trend strong struck, stylish charm people can not stop, choose light of the suede material, delicate texture, between the foot of the hair, accompanied by simple rough with the design, elegant and comfortable, beautiful colors, new style, Type, on the foot is very nice, with its simple, shape your Variety modeling, with skirts and pants are great Oh.

Personality of the toe design, clean and neat, simple yet elegant, saturating and rich temperament, fashion design comfortable inside, so that the whole pair of shoes more rich texture, followed by artificial physiology design, so that the whole pair of shoes more aesthetic and comfortable Degree, non-slip soles, wear a solid, toe and side hit color stitching, is the whole pair of shoes features, super ride, dating, shopping, work, wear out their own style. Looks like the cortex is a bit hard, but the actual very soft, very comfortable to wear, soles are beans, relatively soft, which is also added a sponge pad, definitely not the kind of hard inside, black, Color, with hair and no hair two Oh, are super good wear and wild, MM can choose according to their own situation Oh.