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Dresses with boots should be how to wear a sense of fashion Dresses + boots wear rule

Now skirts with boots have been adopted by many people, and wear this look very nice, very obvious own temperament. However, some people do not know how to wear this dress, the ratio of skirts and boots, should be like? How to look good with the following? I will teach you to wear skirts with the rules of dress, so you wear a sense of fashion, but also The proportion of their own under armour sale stretch, so that they look more under armour discount slender, more stylish, more temperament. First of all, the color of the skirt with the boots must be matched, if the color of the clothes do not match the color of the boots, it will look weird, but also some of the shortcomings of your skirt was revealed. If you do not know how the shoes should be with the dresses, you can choose, black under armour shoes boots, black boots are wild models, what kind of dresses, can wear, will not look weird, nor will it be vulgar. Then is to look at the skirt style, not the same style with the length of the boots is not the same. For example, some dresses, only with short boots and not suitable for boots, if you wear boots, it will look bad. In general, the boots can be equipped with more dresses, but also the proportion of height can be pulled to make the legs look very slender, but also very long.

However, boots, sometimes more prominent one's leg length, do not know, under armour sale we have seen in the street long boots. Long boots need to be very slender people wear it look good, if people have a little bit too fat, it is recommended not to wear long boots, boots can be worn directly. Now it's winter, with a long skirt in winter, a coat on top, and a pair of booties that look great and stylish.