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Dress with a word high heels, interpretation of under armour womens shoes feminine

Every time you see the female stars who wear and the United States of high heels, instant legs thinner, the proportion of body instantly changed, even walking posture are more charming, is not very envious? When he wear high heels, the experience is usually heel skin, bleeding or even cheap under armour blistering dilemma, in the end how to do to get rid of this pain? Short paragraph dress to wear lively and lovely ~ but the choice of skirt is also very important, choose H-shaped skirt or take the money. under armour discount On the narrow width of the skirt will make you fat. White dress in the summer to wear fresh and clean, with pointed flat shoes, was thin and high. Wearing a long skirt still with high heels? Do not soil, with flat shoes is the most popular trend! The following together to get these new skills it ~ Floral skirt I personally really very, very love, version of the type really thin, irregular skirt cut design, with the natural and rich sense of hierarchy, upper body effect cents cents Feeling, put it a small BB can have a long leg yo ~ fabric selection is imitation silk, feel very gentle and elegant, cool breathable. Side with invisible zipper, does not affect the overall beauty. There is a stretch of the back of the design, inclusive, more fat BB can control it!

Shoes are very beautiful, cross-strap look very good to wear, feel very comfortable to wear, it was thin, this fine with the design of the road from the very stable, code number standard, the quality is also very good, wild models with skirts , Skirt, wide leg pants are beautiful! Square head lace shallow mouth design, retro and elegant generous. One button buckle easy to wear off, the upper soft and comfortable to wear. Plus rough with the design to go in the road is also very stable. Very temperament, wild one Oh fresh sleeveless dress, hollow design, slightly exposed sexy small sexy. Intimate tube design, to prevent light. With a silver buckle sandals, elegant Europe and the United States Fan. Summer came, how little get under armour discount a fairy dress it Xianqi feeling is an elegant chiffon dress thing, this issue recommended a universal eight hills are wearing a small fairy chiffon dress, chest fungus side of the design to increase the sweet breath hunt models. You can take a T-shirt can also be a single wear yo, fabric selection of heavy technology embroidery chiffon little bit. Very sweet and proper temperament fu ~ waist pleated version of the slim index I give it not afraid of it proud of it. Clothes particularly good, good-looking style, quality is also good, white feeling very grade, there is a layer of lining! Skirt is also open just right. Skirt after the zipper, skirt front can not be solved, skirt inside the lining, soft moderate. Shoes are very comfortable to wear, and breathable, the most important thing is to look good, very like, white wild, this style shoes with skirt skirt jeans can be.