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Do you understand the various styles of high heels?

Saying that all things are spiritual, all beings are equal. I do not know, but I know that every kind of shoes has his character. Today and share with you is a few kinds of common characteristics of high heels. Because only to understand their mettle, to wear him. A shoe represents a temperament, she also has a temper, you wear well, it is necessary to be angry. The beauty of the thin heel is his slender elegance, delicate design and under armour womens shoes smooth lines, so that fine shoes with more feminine temperament. The advantage of wearing a thin heel is to make you in the side of the angle, looks more elegant, more slender legs slender. Whether it is in the work, life, party time is the best choice. If the fine heels on behalf of the feminine beauty, then the thick heels is to make girls become more powerful and courage. Rough with both the strong support of the human body, but also easy to show that the lines of rough mad. Coarse heel with the need to be careful, because the coarse heel is easy to make people mature. Fish mouth shoes popular and the 20th century, 50 years, the biggest feature of the fish mouth is the toe "looming", the whole pair of shoes prominent toes, possession of the two toes, both with a bit sexy, yet dignified, elegant.

Pointed shoes both hands and thin shoes, originated in France, strong personality, delicate and meticulous, can make a woman's feet become slender, very beautiful bow bow up. Pointed shoes with avant-garde novelty, under armour shoes the characteristics of strong personality, toe sharp pointed to the front, even more elegant girls temperament. Relative to the pointed shoes, round shoes are more lovely. Round shoes are sweet, gentle symbol. The biggest advantage of round shoes is the toe part can do the greatest stretch. This round shoes, in the middle of the last century belongs to the girls favorite. Especially young people to their favorite, round the toe filled with innocent and well-behaved girl atmosphere. Once in the 1970s swept the heel is absolutely classic. Look at the 1970s old photos will find the wedge heels is that era of fashion a single product ah. Slope heels greatly liberated the women's feet, so that they are at the same time, but also to fully show the charm of beautiful feet.