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Charm gentleman Fan, England shoes to match

British wind prevails, how can you miss? Mention the British wind will think of gentleman and classic, gentleman's elegant and elegant, generous decent Take a look at these British style leisure shoes, light ripe male with essential to enhance the wear temperament. Casual shoes are relatively suits shoes will be more affinity, but also more comfortable, to meet the dual needs of business and leisure, very real wear, bring out the maturity of men and elegant charm, very sweet sister! Uppers of the material selection is the quality of the first layer of leather, natural color, durable wear Shoes selection of thick round oil wax shoelaces, you can freely control the entire back of the shoes loose, making the dress more comfortable. Uppers manual drawing process, revealing the classic British atmosphere. Toe Department to be Brock carved cover, the classic elements mix and match the new style, filled with classical elegance of the British style, highlight the aristocratic style of fashion. Fine woven oil wax shoelace, wax sense of a special strong tensile, durable use is not easy to wear, free to adjust.

Selection of the first under armour sale layer of leather, delicate texture, texture clear, soft and delicate feel natural breathable. Imitation pig skin inside with hygroscopicity, perspiration breathable and other characteristics, making wearing more comfortable. Rubber outsole with light weight, good elastic characteristics, light walking. Vamp selection of high-quality two-story leather, with good wear resistance, soft and comfortable, delicate texture. The lace looks nice and solid, very practical. Haiboli insole, with good deodorant performance, breathable comfort, very flexible. Rubber outsole, non-slip wear. Selection of high-grade first layer of oil skin, bright color, stainless steel metal buckle with different color shoelaces, very eye-catching, highlight the trend of quality. Inside the leather with breathable mesh, comfortable and breathable. This cheap under armour shoe retro design, very tooling Fan, highlighting the wild uninhibited man taste.

Featured high-quality leather fabric production, texture color and delicate, distributed natural luster, leather solid and solid, comfortable to wear. Superb suture process, alignment uniform neat, beautiful and solid strong, highlighting the delicate quality. Inside the use of foot material design, skin-friendly breathable. Personalized curved toe, to improve the traditional round head last type, to retain enough space for the soles of the feet, toe slightly extended, both to modify under armour outlet the foot type, not crowded feet, was thin and comfortable. Uppers fine car line sewing, highlight the quality of quality. High-quality Oxford soles, anti-skid wear, care of feet. Choose custom frenzy, full of texture. Uppers classic Bullock carved design, filling the fashionable British style. Hand-stitching, to create exquisite wear-resistant good quality. Round lace, the surface through the oil wax dip, the formation of a slightly retro texture of the color, very taste.