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Canvas control, teach you a few practical canvas shoes maintenance coup

Whether traveling or doing sports, canvas shoes will be one of the best choice, but also a lot of friends choose to give gifts one of the best. Put on a pair of lively, playful, colorful canvas casual shoes, so you walk light. Canvas shoes is beautiful, very convenient, very wild, so under armour discount to give their girlfriend a pair of high-quality canvas shoes, even more considerate of you. However, the canvas shoes is maintenance more trouble, if you canvas shoes maintenance coup also learned, then your girlfriend sure that you are very capable! Today, Xiao Bian to lead you to learn how to maintain canvas shoes, very useful Oh! Canvas shoes are not as easy as the shoes, the fabric is easy to dirty. Daily wear, need to care about some, try not to take the muddy water road, but also to avoid being nails, wire and other sharp items scratched. You can use a clean wiping cloth to cover the floating soil on the shoe, do not use a wet cloth, otherwise it will rub the more dirty drops! White shoes and toe part, you can use the eraser wipe, but very serious black scratches is very difficult Clean out of Oh, wear time or care about some of the wonderful! Cleaning canvas shoes, you can advance in 3% of the salt water for 3-4 hours, so perspiration, fruit juice and other stains is easy to wash away. After soaking, wash with detergent. There are colors, especially the dark shoes do not use shoes brush hard brush, so it is easy to bleach, then wear it not so bright, moderate strength, even appropriate.

After cleaning the canvas shoes in the ventilation and cool place to dry naturally, the color canvas shoes do not sun exposure or high temperature baking, so not only easily lead to fade, it is easy to degumming, cracking. Light-colored, especially white canvas shoes, should try to throw net soapy water, because too much detergent is easy to let the shoes turn yellow (this is difficult to wash Oh), you can also pour some white vinegar, The purpose of alkaline detergent. At the same time, it is best to use clean toilet paper or towels canvas shoes are wrapped inside and outside, so dry after the yellow mark will not appear! Canvas shoes, poor ventilation, spring and summer temperatures are higher, do not pay attention to the breeding of bacteria, the shoes will be issued pungent odor. In fact the smell of shoes is due to the hot and humid environment, a large number of bacteria after the breeding of metabolites, so in order to have no smell of shoes, the final thing is to do a good job cleaning! Stitching socks and feet; two pairs of canvas shoes for wear; the shoes on the under armour discount ventilation, sprinkle some white vinegar or white wine, naturally dry.