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Booties with good autumn and winter boots with good skills

The weather is getting cooler, there are wood began to buy under armour womens shoes their own US clothes beauty shoes? If you ask Xiao Bian to start what shoes, Xiao Bian definitely recommend the first boots ~ compared to boots, short boots on the body requirements are relatively low , At the same time it is definitely the one that takes you to fly with you. Female stars love the short boots is regardless of the season, and today we have to look at how to choose how to take a short boots it ~ black boots is certainly the most wild, and black tights + black boots combination, it is thin and cool Black boots and jeans with the time, under armour discount the pants do not be too long will look better Oh, 7-9 points length just right. Of course, if too long can under armour sale also be rolled up trousers ~ black boots and casual pants partner, high-heeled style will be more aura some of the addition of black boots, color boots are also very popular, because in the autumn and winter most of our clothing colors Is plain or relatively simple, colored boots can light the whole body shape.

Ankle boots, animal models, almost every year has become a must-buy style. However, Xiaobian think animal lines are not very good interpretation, after all, good-looking dress is domineering, dandy, became cheesy. This year's hot velvet material, not only sought after in clothing, still under the boot used. With a romantic and lazy breath velvet boots is a good choice for you to go out to the streets. Although thin and short boots are very elegant, cheap under armour although the flat-bottomed boots is very convenient, but not as good as this year's heavy boots with the fire, rough boots not only look good and better walk Oh.