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  • Types of Casual Shoes Casual Shoes with Daquan

    Casual shoes are a kind of footwear, the main feature is a simple, comfortable design concept to meet the needs of people wearing everyday life. The concept, connotation and function of casual shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and method. People use the shape, brand, and connotation of casual shoes to decorate themselves and display themselves, and to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction. It is very important to choose a pair of suitable shoes. In general, if you go to the beach or visit places of interest, you can choose to wear sports sandals or casual shoes. If you go to the mountains and use climbing, rock climbing or wild adventure, you should choose the largest particles, strong grip and non-slip. Wearable sports shoes.

    1. Comfort is the first factor, followed by shock absorption + grip + non-slip + thermal In general, if you go to the tropics or islands for water activities and land visits, you can choose to wear sports sandals or casual under armour sale shoes; Metropolitan area, when visiting mainly for shopping or shopping, it is recommended to wear the ordinary flat-bottomed casual shoes; if you go to the mountainous area and use outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, running or jungle adventure, you should choose the soles of the shoes to have large particles. Strong, non-slip, wear-resistant sports shoes are better. Want to reduce the impact of foot and ground when walking, the key lies in the design of the sole. In terms of "shock-absorption function", thick rubber shoes are much better than thin leather shoes. If the shoe's shock absorption is not good, it can easily cause uncomfortable feet and cause pain. On the other hand, professional casual shoes also have air cushion design to effectively reduce impact. The one-piece design that conforms to the ergonomics makes the foot plate completely relaxed. Even if you travel long distances, you will not feel tired. Suggest that you may wish to compare a lot, the most important thing is to try on it, let your feet score on your own.

    2. Shoe Design Analysis High-Performance Exercise System - Whether walking or climbing climbing Winter Your feet are constantly repeating four actions - Brake, Sopport, Flex , Propet (propulsion), and the foot pressure is also roughly S-shaped along the centerline. High-performance sports systems can provide enhanced friction, resilience, and suitability for extended wear over different pressure distributions. ACT TECHNOLOGY's four-fold perspiration system - the first re-perspiration to close the skin and absorb sweat. The second re-arrangement of sweat uses artificial fiber padded tongues instead of the airtight cushions used in leather shoes to speed up the circulation of air under armour shoes and temperature. The third breathable nylon suture quickly evaporates moisture from the first and second weights. The final weight is the tongue of the drainage shoe. The cool design of the high-density needle-fiber mixed nylon is used to evaporate all the sweat from the feet to keep the feet dry.

    Small white shoes as a must-have for casual shoes, still hot unabated, small white shoes can be worn in addition to all year round, but also fashionable wild, whether casual wear or dress are free to mix. And small white shoes do not pick the body, any body type can easily control.

    With skills: small white shoes as a must-have for casual shoes, still unabated heat, small white shoes can under armour discount be worn in addition to all seasons, but also fashionable wild, whether casual wear or dress can be free to mix. And small white shoes do not pick the body, any body type can easily control.

    Sports shoes:

    Sports and casual shoes not only enhance the casual appearance, but also the versatility can not be underestimated, regardless of men and women, any season is suitable for wearing, both with the same fashion shoes, but also has a simple and generous casual shoes, or vibrant age-reduction Must-have items.

    With skills: sports shoes, more rich in color, if the clothes with a more monotonous color, it is recommended to choose active color sports shoes to match, become brighter and more eye-catching; two with clothes more bright colors, shoes, the best black and white The gray color is the main color, so it looks more coordinated; if you want to create a simple handsome fan, make a full selection of black and white gray bar.

    Hi-top casual shoes:

    The help surface of high-top casual shoes is relatively high, and generally it is possible to cover the ankles. The texture of the canvas and the height-increasing design are especially good for those who are not tall. Moreover, high-top shoes not only have a stylish and elegant appearance, but also have a certain decorative effect on the legs.

    With skills: high-top casual shoes with the best time at the upper part of the exposed, under armour discount you can choose nine minutes or trousers trousers rolled up, do not choose too loose and loose jeans, or will make the upper office look very bloated, and Reduce the proportion of the entire body, with skirts, high-profile casual shoes increase the effect is obvious.

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  • You need a pair of refreshing white shoes this spring

    Fashion is a reincarnation. White shoes that were very popular in Xiao Bian junior high school and high school came back after a few years of silence. The small white shoes, as a basic item, look good and actually wear. So how do small white shoes match? If you can only take a pair of shoes out of travel, then Xiaobian must not hesitate to choose small white shoes, not only wild walk is also under armour sale very comfortable, here's a look at how to match white shoes! With the long skirt is the same kind of style. The exposed enchanting curves of the legs are in stark contrast to the youthful vitality of the small white shoes, both handsome and charming. If you replace the white shoes with high-heeled shoes, there is no such feeling. Although small white shoes can have many choices, but it is the most cherished match with jeans, perhaps because with the jeans, it can feel the kind of unique charm under armour discount of his body, born with the tenacity and strength, is small White shoes always shine.

    In recent years, the bell-bottoms have become the new darling of fashionistas, not only retro feminine, but also can be modified leg type. White shoes with bell-bottoms to wear a style mix and match charm, injecting a casual street feel for the body's elegant shape. Wide under armour cheap under armour outlet leg pants do not pick legs do not pick people, comes with a neutral tough sense, with white shoes to wear to fit. The overall low-key gray combination creates a simple layering. Girls can choose tight jeans or pencil pants to match small white shoes, upper body T-shirts or sweaters are all good choices, so that they will look younger girls.

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