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  • Personality lazy shoes, both fashion and comfort

    Lazy shoes is the switch of any of our roles, whether it is capable workplace, crazy travel, or runaway shopping, with a pair of fashionable and comfortable lazy shoes, we will find all the roles between the switch can become very Calmly, but in the choice of lazy shoes, it touches on people is very tangled, so beautiful and generous and good Xiaobian today to give you both hands offer a wave of high-value comfortable lazy shoes, to help you properly The completion of the role of the occasional switch to the style of the unique printing and dyeing process, giving the shoes a unique and bright two-color appearance, the upper is the use of cloth and yarn, the ventilation is not dull, with the overall shape of the mixed rubber outsole , After the foot, more comfortable wear, is our daily choice Oh ~ stitching the upper design, so that the whole look full of sense of hierarchy, and tightly stitching the shoe, but also let any foot type of us Can be a good control, but also to facilitate our wear off ~ to be breathable inside, so that our feet can try to the most comfortable experience oh ~ canvas classic design, so that the traditional reproduction, canvas Also with the front face of the classic toe design, to be V-shaped welt stitching, but also facilitate our outfit, and sole design is also very unique, tough wear, spring and autumn is a good choice oh ~

    Round the design of the toes between the arc, loose not crowded feet to be with the elastic band, it is easy to wear off, and feel comfortable canvas to help face, into the classic but when the striped elements, add a few small fashion, With two layers of pig skin pad feet, refreshing not stuffy ~ personality and chic a lazy canvas shoes, simple vamp design, with two colors of the collision, full of layers, the upper also added under armour sale The double C of the cloth paste embellishment, even more fashion feel, and the use of sheepskin hemp rope, wearing comfortable but not dull feet Oh ~ classic lazy shoe version design, with the lovely multi-fake printing under armour sale elements for us The daily wear to bring a trace of the same tropical style, and the use of lightweight environmentally friendly soles, flexible cushioning, light and flexible, so that we are not tired of shopping Oh ~ the overall use of a variety of distinctive colors collide with each other, Breaking the autumn and winter of a single dull feeling, and inside also with a plush on the stitching, it is a good care of our feet, whether it is home or go out for a walk, are our best configuration Oh ~ Jane's design , Showing a refreshing look, and the shoes also moved the lace sketches, so that our feet look more charming and charming, toe with a straw on the decorative decoration, slightly with a bit retro The tune of literature and art oh ~

    2017-10-16 10:19:18
  • Round head change, Mary Jane shoes under armour shoes refused to do antique

    Classic classics, not only lies in its long history and legendary story, vitality, can be timeless, follow the trend of the times constantly changing and development, but also become a classic key factor, for shoes, the Mary Jane is clearly two Both, well-deserved classic title. Mary Jane shoes is the biggest feature of the foot of the buckle that striped design, enjoy the comfort of the real wear at the same time, only the senior fashion know that this detail was designed specifically for children, in order to let They will not walk away from the shoes. Compared to the basic models of the round, pointed Mary Jane more feminine, appears to be more sexy feet, the stars often use it as a red carpet shoes. Fashion small pointed good and high, this is used in the pig skin and sheepskin insole, breathable and good; surface with a sheep skin, looks thick complex flavor. This low-heel close to the flat with the walk to completely tired feet. Satin cloth made of shoes bow, shoes piping and straps, is a shoe to wear more style, more conducive to the daily mix. Plating with the design can be said that the finishing touch, so that the whole shoe is more bright and more sexy.

    Mary Jane shoes in the process of re-interpretation of the high-heeled models can be said to be the most common and most popular, after all, high heels is a woman's standard thing. But not all of the high-heeled Mary Jane shoes are beautiful, like a thick water table with a style of hard to say. Beauty does under armour womens shoes not say first, put on the feet will be very cumbersome, there is no Mary Jane's light playful feeling. If the solid color of the rough can not meet your sinking fashion heart, you can choose a strong sense of design heel, for example: hit the color heel or shaped heel, easier to create a color shape. Heel 7.5 cm, it is a pair of high heels is very comfortable height, good comfort on the feet, the upper is the sheepskin material, easier to take care of. This is a round design, with a little cute, there are a variety of colors to choose from. With high 7.8cm, the upper is the first layer of cowhide, inside the first layer of pigskin, good comfort. This is the highlight of the heel design, white models under armour womens shoes with a golden heel, black models are dark green heel, hit the color makes the whole pair of shoes become different. Multi-buckle style can wear clothing fashion sense, but not so friendly little guy, the best selection of high-heeled models to increase the height, not easily short. In contrast, the straps of the Mary Jane shoes step on the highest probability of lightning, because the strap is too high or too thick straps are easy to significantly short, so in the choice of time to avoid these two styles. The upper is the first layer of black patent leather, with a charming bright luster, making the whole pair of shoes in the retro without losing the bright spot. Two word buckle embellishment, coupled with a solid rough with the design, an increase of real wear and fashion sense, shopping or attending a party to wear are very charming.

    2017-10-11 10:27:11
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